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Learn The Exact BLUEPRINT I Use To Travel The World Alone 

I am here to help you become the best version of yourself!

You may ask how? I mean….I would too, but thats why you landed here right? I am here to help YOU travel the world by YOURSELF!
“In order to be successful at traveling solo you must first develop confidence, prepare well, and then execute, this is where I come in the picture” -Ebb
“I provide women with a safe zone to freely express their fears, doubts, and ways they can overcome it as well as to build the confidence to just go!”-Ebb
"As a women we face a lot of fears or doubts in our personal life, traveling was an answer for me, traveling helped me build the confidence to be comfortable with being alone"-Ebb 
"Time isn't promised for everyone, it is important to live your life with no regrets"-Ebb
"I believe that EVERYONE needs a break to unwind & reset, having something to look forward to,  a vacation, is the key"-Ebb
Hey ya'll Heyyyy! My name Ebony, also known as your new virtual travel bestie😉. I am the founder of The Traveling Chic coaching program. The Traveling Chic mission is to help women like YOU transition from curious travel enthusiast to solo wanderlust. It teaches YOU the foundation of how many of your favorite travel bloggers are able to travel internationally alone! Throughout my years of traveling, I have been featured on many large scale social media and magazine platforms such as Essence, Good Morning America, Forbes, and Business Insider for my solo travel journeys including my amazing photos I take while alone, customizable solo trips, and confidence as a solo traveling female. Anyways, between working periodically and traveling the world, I enjoy teaching women like YOU how to master solo international traveling, safely, confidently, and with absolutely no regrets!

Have you ever saw an AMAZING flight deal and didn't book it because you had no one to go with? 
That was me years ago 
Have you ever planned a girls trip & boom    all of your homegirls started dropping out like flies? 
That was also me years ago 
New Year, New You! it’s time to say see ya later to your friends and start learning how to catch them flights with confidence! 
You CAN sit down & wait for your friends to continue to tell you they promise their coming, you CAN sit down and wait for your friends to tell you she couldn't find a babysitter so she can't go, you CAN sit down and wait to plan your birthday trip around your friends schedule 👎🏾 OR your can LEARN my exact blueprint on how I manage to travel the world solo 👍🏾

The blueprint remains the same, the only thing that changes is the country 😌

The Traveling Chic Coaching Program 
Preparation course for aspiring solo enthusiast

The Traveling Chic is a four week 1:1 preparation coaching program where you and Ebony will work together to create a plan for your very first customizable international solo trip. This coaching program is super interactive, intimate, fun, and flexible!

Traveling solo can be a scary thing, therefore, safe preparation is the key. The Traveling Chic coaching program will teach you all the tools
you need to embark your very first solo journey when the time is right through Ebony’s techniques and tips based on her real life solo travel experience. No you do not have to travel RIGHT now to learn the technique--IN FACT, preparation starts weeks to months ahead! That's what the Traveling Chic is for 😉

It's not easy to be a Traveling Chic, in fact, it's just as close to a full time job, but very refreshing & rewarding when you master it. This program is structurally designed to help women build self confidence to travel alone with self confidence building worksheets, weekly take home Q&A’s, growth assignments, YOUR personalized solo international travel destination research workshops, and one on one LIVE consulting with Ebony as your mentor! This program is about transformation hunny!----Are you ready? 

The Traveling Chic teaches you how to travel better, smarter, safer, and with confidence. Check out the sneak peak to the Traveling Chic Coaching program. In this webinar you will learn my THREE STEP PROCESS & how this BLUEPRINT pushed me to travel alone!
  • Not every single destination is safe for solo travelers right? Find out how to ensure that your very first destination is SAFE!
  • Learn how to utilize the airbnb website to make sure that any area YOU stay at whether it is a HOTEL OR AIRBNB is in a SAFE, TOURIST FRIENDLY AREA close to the embassy! 
  • Struggle with finding the RIGHT time to travel on a budget? Your FIRST destination should be at the time the flights are the most cheapest! Find out the utilize the search engine to travel to the right destination at the right time, 365 days a year! This will be navigated right in the sneak peak of this course TODAY!
  • You will learn all about my very first solo international trip & how it helped develop my blueprint to navigate through EACH & EVERY COUNTRY I've been to & come back home safe and sound EACH & EVERY TIME!
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