Ebony is a travel influencer,  solo wanderlust, nurse practitioner, and fearless spirit whose goal is to assist in leading and inspiring millennial women to live their version of their best lives.

Her brand Travel With Ebb offers custom-curated culturally authentic experiences to meet the traveler’s expectations for: comfort, style safety, and overall pleasurable experiences. Ebony serves in expanding the minds of her audience, to experience foreign cultures alone, enjoy new environments and ways of life. Travel can be the best teacher, healer and escape from the limitations of our current reality. 

Traveling has motivated Ebony to become an entrepreneur, travel curator, and to step outside of her comfort zone. Ebony’s hope is to help you to broaden your horizons through traveling, connecting with likeminded individuals and getting in tune with yourself.
Explore The World Through Solo Traveling 
Cultivate a new mindset
Gain the confidence to travel alone
Master the blueprint to solo traveling 
Nurses Take Tulum Retreat  

Come join me! 
Ebony was featured in Essence magazine for showcasing her experience while traveling alone to Tulum, Mexico and now invites YOU to come along and explore with her. Join nurse Ebb for a week of paradise at her absolute favorite travel destination!
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